Advice on X'snipe B'twin 300 vid

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does anyone have any experience of the X'snipe B'twin 300 camera from Decathlon?

Interactivity : Films directly onto SD card (not included, 4Gb max).
Accuracy / precision : 30 images/second, VGA resolution (640*480).

or should i shell out more and get HD?


FCN 3 (FCN 4 if I'm carrying clean pants)


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    I work for Decathlon, thought I'd get that out of the way first.

    I borrowed one of these cameras from the store when it first came out.
    The helmet mount was not the best if I'm honest, it seemed to tight.Maybe ok on a scate style helmet.
    I ended up mounting it on the bars where it sat fine and dandy.Picture quality was ver y good if it wasn't for the vibrations coming though the front end.When it was smooth it was great.It reacted well to light changes.
    I haven't used any other cameras but for the money I think its a pretty good buy.
    We now sell a couple of other cameras which are higher spec/lighter which should give better results and less vibration.

    At the end of the day if you buy it and are not happy then you can return it for a full refund or exchange.Satisfied or satisfied!!
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    cheers for the honest advice!

    FCN 3 (FCN 4 if I'm carrying clean pants)
  • i hope to understand me, because i´m from spain. i buy the camera xnipe 300 from dechatlon and my question is wich sd card storage i need, because in shop they told me that i need no more than 2 GB (they told me 4 GB doesn´t work) but in the manual says 4 GB and i don´t know wich buy. My e-mail: thanks