Castelli Radiation jacket

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Anyone have one of these? Are they as good as Castelli would have you believe??

They are a lot of £££'s, but if they are that good then I might invest in one.



  • bigpikle
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    I think it would need to be as cold as hell for you to use in the UK! I have the Mannagia (sp?) and even if its only 1 deg and blowing a cold wind outside I only use a sleeveless summer mesh baslelayer and am toasty warm - and I'm not someone that usually runs hot. I used it with a short sleeve 100% merino summer weight baselayer on a pretty cold day and during the hard sections of the ride I was close to being too warm.

    I suspect that unless you are someone that is always really cold then its going to be very limiting for this country and is really fr those places where its <0 deg with cold winds etc. I havent ever even seen one let alone worn one but from the description it seems a step up in thermal properties from my jacket and that is already damn warm!
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  • sungod
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    i've got the castelli quantum radiation

    with just a base layer it's great for when the temperature is < 5 or 6 degrees, last winter it was fine at -6 with a mesh vest and long sleeve baselayer
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  • HamishD
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    Aye - got one. Look the business, fit great, toasty warm. Even with just a base layer underneath I won't wear it at anything warmer than 2 degrees though . . .TOO warm!