What's the best Gore Jacket?

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Sadly I'm going to have to replace my much loved Gore Phantom as I stupidly lost one of my detachable sleeves out riding (fell out of my pocket) and Gore told me they don't do spares. It will soldier on as a Gillet - but I'll need a new winter jacket.

I've been doing some searching on the forum and it seems the answer might be the Oxygen but would appreciate any thoughts.

I liked the removable sleeves of the Phantom but didn't like the loose fit. I liked that it was waterproof (well fairly) and it's a great windstopper. It's possible I might just buy another but I am wondering what' the best one.

I am going to ride through the winter, so down to zero or below temperatures and I will also ride more in the rain this winter than last - so I'm looking for an all rounder that will also work in Spring in Autumn if that's possible (the Phantom did all of this- especially as you can remove the sleeves - don't loose them though).

Any thoughts appreciated.

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  • Almost certainly the Oxygen. You may need to size up though.
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  • ScottieP
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    My Phantom has been a medium and it's been a bit loose (I'm pretty thin, er I mean athletic :roll: ) - so I'm thinking a medium would be fine - but I plan to try them on first.

    Thanks for the reply - the Oxygen seems like it might well be the best of the bunch.

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    I found most of the Gores too Flappy
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    i think that my gore jacket is a path wear but i'm not sure(18mths ago), fits me pretty snug, keeps me dry, breathable and going on previous buys... mighty dry.
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    the Oxygen SO is similar to the Phantom but more of a roadie cut and the sleeves stay on (obviously).

    I'm a big fan of my oxygen but then I'm a big fan of my older N2S pahntom too.
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