"wooden" feeling legs

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I've managed to ride 38 km at a pretty much hardcore pace yesterday and my legs feels like wood today. What one should do then ?? Drop down another 20-25 km the very next day at a slow pace or a complete rest is much better ? My brain wants to go out today but I can tell my legs don't want to,they feel pretty sore... :cry:
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    Best to listen to your body really. Take a rest today and watch some MTB videos, and then you'll be even more motivated to go out again in a day or two! :D Streching and massage will also help get the legs feeling better. If you must ride, just make it a short easy spin for say 30mins, and I'm sure you will feel better tomorrow!
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  • Also make sure you are drink enough post exercise- and doing your proper cooldown- sounds like you have a pair of lactic acid filled legs!

    If you over do it when they are screaming the overall recovery takes longer!
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  • Milk is very good recovery drink for long rides.

    I buy a litre tub of milk and have alot of milkshakes after, but it really helps.
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    If you are considering milk, try a smoothie instead. You should then have a good hearty meal with adequate protein for recovery. The next day if your legs feel like wood, go out for active recovery even if it's only 20 minutes.
  • From what I've read, recovery rides do work and can enable you to recover quicker than just taking a day off would.

    However, I think they are a bit tricky because you actually have to ride at a very low intensity. The risk is you'll end up going harder than "recovery pace" due to either the demands of the terrain or your enthusiasm for being out on the bike.

    The biggest help I've found for stopping sore legs after a hard ride is eating within 20 minutes of the finish of the ride. Specifically 4:1 carbs to protein - I usually just have beans on toast or a couple of fried egg sarnies.
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    Recovery ride is not the cure for sore legs. There should be more to a training session than sore legs.

    Think of a recovery ride as nothing more than a brief warm-up.