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What are the benefits when choosing a sloping or horizontal frame? Is one more racier than the other? Is one a more relaxed set up?
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    Sloping toptube makes no difference to how the bike handles - the ones that matter are the headtube and seatube angles and the distance between them i.e. toptube dimension- horizontal or virtual.
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    what MD said

    aesthetics, more standover height and length of seatpost showing therefore more flex. That's all. Nowt to do with handling/steering.
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    Is it purely cosmetic?
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    Tonymufc wrote:
    Is it purely cosmetic?

    Ignore that, we must have been posting at the same time.
  • Some might say that you get a stiffer frame when the top tube joins the seat tube lower down. Stiffer in the bb/drive area.