Tacx rollers- loud "squeaking" noise

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As the title suggests, the front roller is making a loud squeaking noise, quite loud and very irratating. I'm pretty certain the bearings need replacing, but the rollers are just over 12 months old and haven't had much use, especially over the summer, so I'm quite suprised. I e-mailed Tacx, and after waiting days for a pretty unhelpful reply, I'm left thinking "what next?"

Anybody had the same problem? If it is the bearings, Tacx told me they are hard to replace without damaging them, anybody had any experience in replacing them?


  • MikeWW
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    Had those rollers for over 12 months used quite a lot inside and outside.
    Never had a problem with bearings
    Only time I have had any squeaking was when I got rubber on the rollers from some cross tyres. Cleaned them down and they were fine
    Does it make the noise when you are on them or even if you just spin the roller?
  • Velonutter
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    I had to fix my rollers that my Son-in-law bought off me as the bearings sounded rough, try switching the front and rear rollers around or the front and middle etc. and see if you can locate which one it is, put a dab of 3 in 1 on the bearings before refitting.

  • Reminds me of the Aussie pilot's squawk report !

    .. who said that, internet forum people ?
  • Thanks for the replies.

    They only make a noise when I'm riding on them, not when I just roll them manually, which O found quite odd. I will give them a wipe down later, there isn't any obvious signs but you never know. I'm pretty certain it's the front roller, but will switch them round just to be sure.

    Rockmount- that can't be serious? It put a smile on my face on a dull morning though!