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Gore Xenon SO JACKET?

bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
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Anyone have one?

If so how exactly does it differ from the *(cheaper) jersey?

I'm assuming all windstopper soft shell and some taped seams?

Any lining?

Any good?
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  • Omar LittleOmar Little Posts: 2,010
    I think i have that one, cant quite remember the name though (is it about £110 or so?). It is comfortable and warm and the inner cuffs which have a thumb hole are very useful to stop a cold breeze getting in about the wrist. I have other tops with the thumb hole feature but they are on the main cuff rather than an inner one and not IMO as comfortable as a result.
  • Not sure, no thumb loops listed (though my Cosmo has them and they aren't listed)

    Should look a bit like this:

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  • m8 I have the GORE Phantom Windstopper Softshell, about 110 notes, the one you are looking at has better resistance to heavy rain, a better option IMO, but costs more dosh about 150 I think. The Phantom has a jersey (not water resistant back)
  • Aye, tried the Phantom, really nice, but was between sizes.

    My guess is the Xenon SO JERSEY is similar (but lighter) than the Phantom but the Xenon JACKET is all softshell.

    Can't tell from the net descriptions.
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  • Try This GORE WEB
  • Ta

    checked that, but, thermally, can't see any obvious difference ... 722558031R
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  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    Tried it on and was very tempted....

    It's a very race fit and much more fitted than the Phantom etc. I don't remember the exact material versus my Phantom but if you like a good tight warm jacket it would be one to heck out. One thing I did notice was hat the back is the same colour as the main panels and not a black centre panel like the Phantom. I think this makes it much more visible from behind if you go for one of the brighter colours.
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  • Ta chap

    tempted by 10% off at Primera but they have black or white.

    So will prob end up with the fiver off at Wiggle instead to get the red.
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  • Hey OP. I bought this jacket tonight after trying on about 10 others inc RH+ Endura Gore Louis Garneau and Altura. I tried the Gore Xenon SO jersey too which is £30 or so cheaper. Main differences as I recall- jacket has a light fleece lining, taped outer seams and I think a slightly different weave to the outer fabric although I may be mistaken as jacket is white and jersey was black. Initially however designs are v similar. Jacket has a bigger zip puller too. Jacket is definitely more insulated with a micro fleece lining I places that jersey lacks. I get cold and also overheat very easily, I was concerned that a warmer jacket like this would over insulate but it didn't, it maintained a perfect temperature all the way home with 4 degrees ambient temp and I was pedalling flat out which is usually enough to make me sweat regardless of air temp. I also soaked part of it and a seam when I got home and it held the water back. V impressive.
  • Ps def no thumb loops but nicely ergo curved sleeves with tight elasticated cuff make thumb holes unnecessary.
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