Help - looking for a good second hand road bike

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Am new to road biking. Looking for a decent second bike in v good condition. Training for a London to Paris ride in May, for which intend to use this bike. Budget about 300-400 GBP.




  • sungod
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    keep an eye on the cycling weekly classifieds
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • nochekmate
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    I think that the road bike classifieds on here might be more suitable than cycling weekly at a budget of £300-£400.

    There is also eBay of course - look for a Buy It Now price rather than bidding. Your budget ought to stretch to a Specialized Allez/Trek 1.2 type bike.
  • I've just bought alightly used 2010 Wilier Escape on Ebay for £420, it's a belter, Italian and very good on the eye :-) I had a £400 budget so similar to you. I narrowed my choice to Boardman Road Comp, Bianchi Via Nirone, and Wilier Escape. They're all within budget (top end), & very nice bikes with decent components. They're a little different and more interesting than the much more prevalent low end Trek and Specialized road bikes :-)
  • I've just bought a second hand Genesis Equilibrium on here so my Felt Z100 (2009) will be going in the classifieds in the next couple of days. I've bought bikes on here before and have always had good experiences. Selling the Felt with new mudguards (Race Blades) and I've put some RS10s on it but haven't settled on a price yet. I'm looking at this thread to try and get an idea of what folk are prepared to pay as some of the prices on ebay seem a bit random to me but there do seem what appear to be bargains available out there. Best of luck!