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buckled rear wheel and bent crank

getonyourbikegetonyourbike Posts: 2,648
edited November 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
well, after I dramatically misjudged my speed on a nasty jump I have a buckled wheel and a bent crank, any ideas. Amazingly I didn't have a mark on me. The crank has bent in so it touches the frame on every rotation and the wheel also, the tyres skims the frame on every rotation, I had to take the brakes off to get home.

How do I fix this, can I hammer the crank back into shape or would that be stupid?

How do i true the wheel, or is it gone beyond repair?

Thanks Pete


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    new crank and/or BB and wheel to a wheel builder to see if it is save-able.
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  • the bike actually isn't worth those replacements, its a 15 year old rigid raleigh still with the 15 speed gearing and everything the same apart from the tyres and tubes. I might as well get a new bike.
  • If it's old and not worth much, just hit it with a hammer and learn some beating and bending skills. You've nowt much to lose, but will gain experience.
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  • lol, I might try to learn to true a wheel and get a spoke key, and the crank, I'll just hit it a lot. :lol:
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