Wilier Izoard and Storck scenario 1.1

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I'm buying a new bicycle and am between these two: the Izoard and the Scenario 1.1. I've ridden a De Rosa Team for the last six years and want to upgrade. I love the stiffness and aggression of the De Rosa; I'm after something with similar prestige - something I'm going to be proud to ride and race for the next six or seven years. I've not ridden either of these yet but from reviews etc reckon each is pretty much what I'm after.

The Storck I can get is Athena 11sp but Fulcrum R7s, whereas the Izoard has Fulcrum R3. I have Sciroccos on my current bike; they might be a better wheel than the 7s - which I could always upgrade in the future.

Or... if there's a better, sexier, more aggressive racing machine out there for the money...

Any thoughts appreciated

Steve B


  • Where are you getting your Storck from? I ask as I ride a Storck too and well it was a bespoke setup.
  • Both are available at Rock and Road near Stirling in central Scotland. It was a local bike store when I lived locally (now in Switzerland) and I don't know of anywhere else with a similar range - they've got both these bicycles in stock at the same price.
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    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    I deal with Rock &Road very good shop good guys who are very knowledgeable i ride Scenario 1,1 fantastic frame and have just purchased Scenario 1,0 in white stunning go for the Storck you will not regret it,,
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    The Izoard is a (reputedly very good) generic frame badged up as a Willier. (Pedalforce RS2 IIRC, about 400 quid.)
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    Storck easily over the Wilier even though i do like the Wiliers, for looks and riding.
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    Think Scirocco wheels if recent ones are better and lighter than the 7s, 7s really are entry level stuff and either of the two bikes you mention deserve a good wheel upgrade on them as and when.
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    The Izoard is actually an upgraded Mortirolo and not as good as last years (2010) Izoard.
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