Ultegra chain replacement

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Hi. I recently had my Ultegra chain snap on me. I had only done about 1500 miles on it and it had been kept clean and oiled.

It was one of the links that has the little cut out bit that went on it. I'm a bit wary of just replacing it with another one now if it's likely to happen again and wondered if anyone knows of a good alternative.

It's a 10sp by the way.



  • i would imagine your chain snapped due to it being worn out
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    Were you using a link to join it ? They normally have a pin to join them.
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    I seem to remember a duff batch of Ultegra chains about a year ago. Several threads about it on here with photos. Could be you had one of them. I'm sure a replacement Ultegra will be fine.

    Alternatively try a KMC, Wippermann or SRAM chain of similar weight / price? They come with joining links to make the job easier. (or do what I do and use a KMC link with a Shimano chain)

    If you want to stick with Shimano try a 105 chain if you're worried that the slotted side plates may have contributed to the failure
  • Ultegra 10 speed chains now listed as 6701, maybe there`s been a mod from the original 6700 ??
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  • I had one of the dodgy ones - from memory I counted around 30 cracks on the links after approximately 1000 miles from new, as was the cassette. Only noticed after it started to jump one day as all the cracks were on the inside. KMC = no problems since.
  • mine only lasted about 1000 miles. Didn't snap but wore out. Looked at all the reviews and decided to go for a KMC x10 sl gold. Don't know how long it will last but it's so much lighter and a quieter chain. More expensive but much better than the shimano.
  • SRAM 1071 or 91 if you're feeling flush, works a treat. Remember though you're going to have to get a new cassette if you're putting a new chain on.
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    No you don't it's the other way around, new cassette, new chain.
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    I got 3 of these from CRC, dead easy to fit and appear to last, best of all if you get 3 they are reduced from £37 each to £10.50!!!!! Been running mine for about 6 months with no issues.
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  • If the cassette has also done 1500 miles I would not have thought a new chain will run on it without slipping under pressure. That said I am however guessing from the original post that the chain and cassette were bought at the same time.
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    1500 miles is nothing for a cassette on a road bike.
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    Try an FSA slk light 10sp chain, tried one for a change instead of dura ace and i'm impressed by the smoothness. If you look on the net you'll find them cheaper than the likes of wiggle etc.
    I had a Dyna tech which i used on and off for 18yrs to get to work, this thing nearly fell apart in the end but the 105 chain and cassette were never swapped. They were always well lubed and must have covered 1000s of 10 mile trips and they never failed me.
  • Actually I haven't had the cassette on it that long. I bought a new one in July when I did the Etape. (I wimped out and bought a 12-27 :oops: )

    CRC are selling a Mavic 10sp chain in their clearance sale at the moment. I'm thinking of getting on of those.
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    Slightly off the OP but details of the Ultegra 6701 on the CRC site say it is "only suitable for double chainsets". Seems odd, anyone know why this might be. I use them on triples without any obvious problems.
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    Correction to the above - it is the Shimano 105 5701 that CRC describe "as for use with double chainset only". Same question though - why would this be?