Super Record or Dura Ace ?

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I am looking at bying a new bike and not sure to go for Dura Ace, Record or Super Record carbon ?
Have you any advise on the differences between the two etc and experience of using these two group sets.



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    Super Record is just a lighter version of record with no improvement in shifting etc.

    Best thing to do wourl be to try a bike equipped with either to see which ergonomics you prefer...
  • ^^ What he said.

    Super Record has ceramic bearings on the cranks and in jockey wheels of rear derailleur, and the new option of a titanium crank spindle to save more weight, for more bucks. Otherwise basically the same as Record, give or take a few grams here and there.

    I have Record 10 sp on one, Super Record 11 sp on another and DA 7800 on a third. Can't fault any of them for functionality at all. The main decision is which method you prefer for shifting - I like the Campag thumb button and multi-gear shifting, but some don't, and I prefer the shape of the hoods and levers of 11 sp Campag in particular.

    FWIW I think the Campag looks *much* better (mmmmmmm carbon) than the current DA stuff. I like my polished alloy cranks from the 7800 series, but the newer 7900 ones look dreary to me. If I was buying any new DA stuff I'd ditch the standard cranks and opt for that limited edition carbon crankset they released.
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    Other than the way they shift I doubt you'll notice any difference. So why not go for the one you like the looks of best? Or the one you can get the best buy on? They are both top line products. It's a bit like asking should I buy apples or oranges?
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    i have super record on one and 7800 on another and find 7800 changes smoother and quieter than super record.had 7900 and its not as good as 7800 imo.
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    Any reason why you aren't including SRAM's top groupset in your options...?
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  • I dont own any campag, only one bike with Rival, and one with Ultegra, but TBH I would choose SR out of the two iff you can afford it!

    DA is lovely, but for some reason i lust after SR!
  • It's about what you prefer ergonomically (and possibly emotionally). Both work brilliantly. For me, I made the change to Campagnolo from Shimano, I wouldn't go back now. I much prefer the ergonomics and aesthetics.

    One important thing to consider is that if you go Campagnolo, all your wheels will need to be compatible (i.e. Campag freehub) unless you are prepaired for a bodge (in which case it will probably never run as well).

    Actually the CULT bearings in SR cranks are fantastic. Three years old and when I refitted them to the new frame, still as sweet as the day they arrived.
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    Id only consider Campag or Sram too... but was disappointed from a 'looks' point of view when Campag put the red into the logoing on their new high end stuff :( shame I reckon, looked better before.
  • Thanks all. What about Sram red ?
  • I base my buying decisions on function alone, and not how things look. That said, if there are perceptible differences in function between the two, they are bloody hard to find.
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    Just taken delivery of a 7900 groupset. I'm not too hung up on aesthetics & buy based on ergonomics( only levers really) & function. Prefer shifting of Shimano & not too keen on Campagnolo's thumb lever. I had SRAM Red before & was pretty happy with that in the most part. That's now gone & my new DA stuff is sat in boxes ready to go on the bike next year.
  • I base my buying decisions on function alone, and not how things look. That said, if there are perceptible differences in function between the two, they are bloody hard to find.

    as others have said, aesthetics aside (and I think the pre-red squares campag is by far the nicest in this respect) the differences largely come to individual preferences ... e.g. for ergonomics - there is no right or wrong. My preference: Campag 11 the best and then the rest about the same. DA 7800 probably has the quietest shifting and is very smooth indeed, but OTOH the race car like clunk of campagnolo has an appeal of its own. One difference I do find is that SRAM and DA calipers have the edge over Campagnolo for stopping power.