Tyre reccomendations...

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Can you reccomend good allround tyres for my Allez.
I'm going to remove the slicks and would prefer something a bit more toury...
I won't be doing a lot in the wet but I want something that will offer good stability,good wear rate and fairly priced..thnaks. :D


  • troj
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    During the winter I swap my tires to Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase. I also get larger tires for the winter 700*25. I find them puncture resistant and very hard wearing. I also use them on my commuter but 700*28 on the rear. As part of my commute I have an off road section on a tow path and they handle this no problem.
    I have also used Continental Ultra Gator Skins they are a bit more expensive. Have better grip but wear faster and are slightly more prone to punctures compared the Bonty's. [/img]
  • Tony Mc
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    +1 Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase

    On both my single speed and CX commuter never had a problem in over a year agin use the 700x25
    Getting there
  • bigal.
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    +2 for the Bontranger Race Lite Hardcase.

    Great winter tyre.
  • Continental Ultra Gator Skins. Found the Bontrager's a little slippery
  • +3 for the Bontranger Race Lite Hardcase
    http://www.jejamescycles.co.uk/bontrage ... 40573.html

    buy 2 @ £13.99 each & qualify for free del.
  • yakk
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    Hi there, more touring orientated with puncture resistance would be Schwalbe Marathon +'s (maybe a bit over the top for your needs - fantastic puncture resistance, hard wearing, excellent wet weather grip and heavy) or Vittoria Randonneurs (good puncture resistance, hard wearing, cheaper, not so grippy). If you want something that rolls better and is lighter and cheaper, I've found Vittoria Rubinos fairly good puncture resistant for a training tyre, very cheap, hard wearing and don't grip fantastically.
    Can't compare with Bontragers as not used them.
    Hope that helps.
  • BR 1979
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    I use Racelight Hardcases and have found them great in terms puncture resistance. Hard wearing and cheap too.

    But, blimey, don't go over drain covers in the cold and wet at anything less than 100% vertical.