Achtung! ALARM!


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  • The garage is set away from the house, so a dogs not an option. Nice idea though
  • The garage is set away from the house, so a dogs not an option. Nice idea though
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    Used them for years in the house because I was too cheap to put in a proper alarm system. They were never tested in a real intruder situation, and of course there was no external indication of an alarm system (the box on the house is probably the best feature of any alarm system) but if one went off it would stop the opportunist thief for sure. If you subscribe to the idea that the determined professional thief will get what he wants regardless, (a fairly convincing argument), I think such a setup is worthwhile. We slept better for ours, if nothing else.
  • Well their never gonna be as good as mains alarms but thats not the point. Its there to put people off so you need to try to make sure you advertise the fact that your garage is alarmed, either an external box/sign. Second you need to check that battery power is working regularly as the alarm being tripped and going off should put off most opportunist thief's. Finally need to make sure its switched on as its all to easy to forgot or say I was gonna do it later on.

    A friend of mine returned from a race and was unpacking his car and then went to get the bags out of the car and into the house. On his returned to the garage with the door up (never got round to closing it or putting the alarm on) he found his rear window smashed and his beloved Cervelo TT bike gone.

    I might have OCD about things like my bike but I never leave myself open to giving someone a helping hand in trying to knick my ride.
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.