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handlebar swap

etapechampetapechamp Posts: 81
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just got myself a big heavy touring bike, for the winter smilles, however i also want to do some winter touring, the bike in question is a kona sutra 2009, so folks i need to swap the drop handlebars for some flat ones, thats the easy bit done, what gear levers and brake levers can i use for such a bike,? its running a triple chainset and 9 speed shimano set up , with mechanical disc brakes, and its fast down hills, if anyone fancies a freewheeling race.... cheers.


  • Very expensive and labour intensive exercise. What I would do is to keep the current set up and add a couple of extra brake levers on the bars (cross type). 20 pounds approximately and about an hour of work (undoing the tape, cutting the outer cable etc. etc...
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