Mavic freehub body

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I've just changed my Mavic freehub body on my Cosmic Carbones (successfully I think!) but noticed that as I tightened the axle all the way, the freehub body became fixed and so I had to loosen off the axle a bit to get it to work as a freehub. Is that how it should be?

Many thanks for any responses.


  • DaSy
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    No, you should be able to fully tighten the axle stubs.

    Did you remember to install the washer that sits inside the freehub, between the bearing in the end of the hub and the freehub body. If not, this will cause the freehub to jam when tightened.
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  • weapons
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    Ah, that will be it - I did not so will try that.

    Cheers DaSy.