Rear Hub Issues?

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Hi all,
got myself my first road bike 3 weeks ago, a brand new Specialized Secteur Elite 2010.

It's not the most expensive bike in the world, but it's expensive enough to get me worrying about an unusual noise....

There seems to be a grinding noise coming from the rear cassette area. The grinding only seems to happen when free-wheeling but not when actually pedalling. If you back pedal (and listen through the rear-wheel clicking) you can hear the grind quite clearly.

I haven't done anything unusual to the bike. It's coming up to Winter, so it's been ridden in the rain a few times. After a ride in the rain, I typically give the bike a quick splash with water from my water bottle, just to dislodge any dirt from the ride. I would have thought that simply doing this wouldn't have caused any grit or dirt to get into the rear hub though...

Any help would be awesome! I may swing past my LBS on my way into work tomorrow though...


  • Difficult to say if there's anything wrong, it could just be down to heightened sensitivity.

    Take it back to the shop you bought it from, or failing that the LBS (if you bought it online). If you bought it there they should look at it/ fix it for free, but don't expect that if you didn't !

    Splashing it with water from your bottle won't do anything (unless you've gummed it all up with energy drink ).