Shimano Wax on New Chains

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Just had a service on my summer bike and it needed a new chain as the old one was starting to stretch, so had a new DA7900 fitted - Does anyone know if you can buy the wax which Shimano treat new chains with or something equivalent?

I'm not very good with servicing my own bike, so I thought something like this would keep the new chain running clean & smooth.


  • Zendog1
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    That stuff is designed to protect the chain while it's "in stock" so sticky is good. On the road it picks up gunk at a rate of knots. Any bike chain lube or even (whisper) 3 in 1 will do a better job.
  • relanium
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    I bought some Finish Line Ceramic Wax Lube when I had the chain fitted as the bike shop recommended this to be the best & cleanest lube for the chain. I applied some of this to my winter bike chain and the chain went completely black - I'd like a lube which is going to keep my chain running good but clean as well.
  • Chris James
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    relanium wrote:
    I'd like a lube which is going to keep my chain running good but clean as well.

    Wouldn't we all!

    Personally I spray some WD40 or GT85 on a rag and wipe off the surface grease left on the chain to reduce crud build upo, but keep lubrication.

    After a period I relube with Finish Line Cross Country. By wiping the chain with a rag after each ride and only lubing sparingly I can usually keep the chain looking reasonably clean and well lubricated.

    I have used lighter lubes and felt like I was permanently reapplying - sometimes I felt it was required mid ride!
  • relanium
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    I was told from the mechanic in the bike shop to do as you mentioned Chris - Spray some GT85 on a rag & wipe off the crap, then apply some Finish Line Ceramic Wax Lube straight after cleaning same way by spraying the lube onto a rag and applying onto the chain.
    He also mentioned that maybe I should do this after every long ride.
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    Most chains are destined for OE fitment, for which massive market the factory lubricant is intended. Presumably it's applied at high temperature when it's more liquid, in an immersive bath or some such. That's not practical at home, but it doesn't matter because ordinary lubricating oil is fine for your chain. I use the same kind I put in my car, because I have it anyway: if you need to buy something especially for your bike, then I'd suggest chainsaw oil.