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Stans tubless... rim too big or tyre too small???

hennezhennez Posts: 255
edited November 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
I''ve got a set of xcr 1.7 dt swiss rims on my scalpel and I've converted them to tubeless using stans conversion kit and a set of maxxis Crossmark LUST tyres, 2.1.
I somehow managed to get the tyres onto the rims with the rim strip and that in there (2 tyre levers buggered in the process) though the tyre's still doent bed in properly, it just seems like the tyre is too small for the rim....(???) what is the go??? is it the combination of tyre and rim i've got or is the rim not wide enough???
I've let the tyres down a few times and farted round with them, put soap around the bead etc. and I have got them a fair bit better though they're still not all that great.
would anyone have any ideas??? thanks
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  • hennezhennez Posts: 255
    pumped them up past 60psi..... (probably not the best thing to do) but they still didnt seat in the rim properly :? It was better but not entyrely better :?
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  • stu8975stu8975 Posts: 1,334
    Most likely the tyres are sitting higher on the inside of the rim due to the rimstrip so don't have any room to move.
  • With tubes in my crosslands i need to go to around 80psi to get the beads to pop into place... Similarly for my ghetto tubeless setups and i've only had one unplanned workshop deflation...
  • hennezhennez Posts: 255
    i was so annoyed with the things I actually pumped one of them up to around 80 to try and get them to pop out, still didnt seem to do a whole lot. I never left them up at 80psi for very long... never thought it would be too good for the rims. I know some rims say not to pump tyres up past a certain amount, my brothers stans ztr flow rims say not to put more than 35psi in the tyre :shock: :? how long do you leave yours around the 80psi mark for???
    My bike takes me places that school never could
  • I left it for a about 20 minutes before it blew off and deafened me. On my crosslands when i hit 78psi they start to pop into place, one more pump and then leave until the tyre is seated (30 secs or so) and spins true (i know the wheels are 8) ) then let down to about 20-25 (by thumb) and re-inflate to the desired pressure.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    It's pretty standard practice to go to crazy PSI to seat the beads.
  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    Try using a rubber mallet on the top of the tyre, it creates local stress which pops them on.
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