Creaking alloy bars situation - help!

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I know about bars starting to creak before they snap.
I've got a road bike adapted for cx, I put some very light flat bars on, being 25.4 they were not properly tight in the road stem so I used a bit of an old cigar tube to take up the gap, in a race I came off and the steering got knocked out of line with the wheel, before the next race I had a go at lmproving the tightness of the bar fitting, the next time I rode the bike the creaking sound is there but now I don't know if it's from the crash or from getting the bars tighter. I fitted a new 25.4 stem today, now there's no creak - but has taking the bars out then fitting them removed the warning sound but not the danger, or are they safe?
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    I'm sure you'll be fine. When I was a teenager my skinny alloy bars creaked when I was pulling on them no matter what I did. And there was a lot of pulling on them in those days with a standard double, 5 speed block, and the Yorkshire Dales and N Yorks Moors at my disposal. Still intact when the bike was stolen 10 years later courtesy of Haverhill's finest yoof.
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    I once had a creaking noise from the front end of my MTB. 'Paranoia', thought I, and ignored it.

    I did a fast descent down a rock-strewn bridleway, and had just got to the bottom when the stem bolt suddenly ripped the thread out of the stem and my bars rotated through 180 degrees. :shock:

    So now, I suggest that you don't ignore funny noises from your bike! (Apart from safety and reliability concerns, noises will eventually drive you to distraction so track 'em down and sort 'em out.)
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    The removing from one stem and putting into the new one can work, as can taking the bars out of the original stem and very lightly greasing them in the clamp area.
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
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    So, I found out my message ended up here somehow, even though don't want or need to know any workshop stuff!!! Just a question on riding safety.
    Anyone think alloy bars no problem have a look around the web - many examples of snapping, and results from lucky escapes when riding slow to head injury and broken bones. And my 150g bars more risky.
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    Gears - Obscuring the goodness of singlespeed