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Hope pro 3 and 15mm adapter

dylsdyls Posts: 64
edited November 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Anyone managed to fit a 15mm adapter to the hope pro 3 hub? Mine doesn't seem to fit fully in nor does it fully cover the bearing! btw it is a pro 3 adapter.

I'm guessing it just needs a good whack with a mallet to go in? but don't want to break it. Will give hope a ring tomorrow to see what they say.


  • shm_ukshm_uk Posts: 683
    Something sounds wrong if the bearings remain exposed.

    For what it's worth, I fitted a QR15 conversion kit to my Pro 2 hub - the adaptors just pushed into place with little effort, and could be pulled out again by hand.

    I wouldn't want to go whacking anything with a mallet - I don't think you'd break the adaptors but may risks damaging the bearings or something.

    Definitely worth a call to Hope.
  • dylsdyls Posts: 64
    Just a quick update. If you have the pro 3 hub with a 4 arm rotor, then you must use a hope pro 2 15mm adapter. The pro 3 15mm adapter doesn't fit.
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