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Hi all - the bike collection is gowing! - can anyone recommend a saddle pack that clips directly onto the saddle - so I dont need a clamp for each bike. I am looking for something small (for co2, patches, multitool, energy gel and a £5 note)


  • AndyI
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    most saddle pack manufacturers make a velcro strap attachment version so you can swap the pack between bikes. Alternatively,try the Topeak range. You can get their saddle packs in varying sizes from micro to large and they all use the same clip system so you can interchange them. it's also easy and cheap to buy spare/replacement clips on their own, so you don't need to buy surplus packs for multiple bikes.
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  • mrdsgs
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    fizik arione clik system: remove fizik plate and slot in fizik saddle bag or fizik light
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  • mrdsgs
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    fizik arione clik system: remove fizik plate and slot in fizik saddle bag or fizik light
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    Dont worry about these clip on clip off bags ! They always seem to hang down from the rails and look pants.
    Just get a Specialized Wedge. They come in 3 differant sizes and all have a Velcro strap that you can do up nice and tight under the saddle, so no rattles.
    I've used them for years on mtbs and roadbikes. Would'nt use anything else.
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    I got a velcro attached Bell one from ASDA for a fiver. It's sturdy, waterproof and large enough for inner tube, phone, keys, multi tool, levers and a few cereal bars. Bargain!
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    I have a bag for each bike - cba unclipping. But for that little amount you could easily put it in a back pocket or even in a cut off bottle in your cage if its not a long ride ?
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    Seat packs make you look like a MAMIL.

    Pockets are enough.
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    Having a 5 quid seat pack means i don't have to spend more than that on a lycra top with back pockets which will make me look more like a mamil due to having more lycra...
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    There is nothing better than a fizik, size small clip on pack.

    I used to have velcro, but soon realised that it destroys shorts. It is a pain to change between bikes. It moves about and the pack is likely to rub and wear clothing.

    The clip in pack hangs well clear of the shorts, holds firm, and is no bigger than you need. And it takes under a second to remove or refit. A tube, CO2, levers, and a rubber glove. And room for cash.

    No reason not to. Unless you don't have fiziks! I don't buy the asthetics argument - whislt it is true they ruin the looks, saddle bags are far better for anyone who commutes or uses their bike often and mostly alone. Packing pockets every day is not the answer.
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    One pack, complete with tools per bike. :wink:
    Mind you, it's getting expensive, as each pack has a 20 pound note in it!
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    I used to have the Fizik clip on bag - was great - until the clip broke off. Took it back to my LBS, who commented "Yeah, we've seen a few of these"

    Not a scientific poll, but still.

    Also completely unscientific and purely observational - over half the seat packs on my clubruns seem to be the Topeak Aero Wedge - velcro version.

    Yes, a bit longer to put on, since there are two whole clips and a velcro strap - and yes - velcro ruins shorts if it comes into contact - so just cut the strap shorter?
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  • These:


    Means you can clip the bag on and off like the Fizik ones, but don't need a Fizik saddle.
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    I run 2 Fiziks accross 2 bikes, small one with just a light multitool and tube. A large with 2 tubes, larger multitool, co2 for longer rides. If I relied on pockets I'd forget essentials :(
  • Thanks folks - looks like nothing really fits the bill for me.

    Perhaps I am being picky - I dont want to change my saddles, dont want chaffed shorts, cant be reiied upon to put the right gear in my pockets...

    The closest match is a micro topeak bag - but I would still have to by several clips at £5 a throw

    I am sticking with a small hydration sack on my back for now - somewhere to stash a waterproof - and sits just behind my head on the TT bike for added aerodynamics - (yeah I can dream)