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Chain lube and rear rim

twoodleytwoodley Posts: 80
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I need your help in solving something I am obviously doing wrong.
The first time out after lubing the chain I get a loss of braking on the rear due to oil getting on the rim. I am assuming it is caused by the rear cassett spraying oil out, and the rim catching it. After the first ride I have to remove the wheel and clean with a little petrol on a cloth, and then full braking is restored, until next time.
I try not to over lube, and definately do not get any on the rim when applying. I currently apply the lube to the inside edge of the chain so as to get some lube on the drive system, and wonder if this could be the cause (should I apply it to the top (outside) of the chain.

Any help gratefully received.
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  • You clearly are overlubing

    I use 10 drops of 3 in One oil, after having wiped off the old dirty lube with a rag
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  • flasherflasher Posts: 1,734
    After oiling just wipe the chain down. You only need oil in the rollers.
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