Hernia Recovery & Compression Gear

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Hi, I have just been through hernia surgery and was looking at buying a pair of skins tights or the 3/4 ones has anyone used these and do they fit ok under usual riding gear as they dont have a chamois insert. Also if these arent any good any suggestions? for decent compression gear


  • springtide9
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    Can't help with the compression shorts as have no experience, but had a (groin) hernia operation in the summer.

    Not sure when you had it done... but if it was recent.... I found the first couple of week I thought I'd not be riding for ages, but the recovery was very speedy after the initial few weeks (around 6-8 weeks and I was able to train hard again)

    Still get the odd twinge, but generally that's not from the bike.

    Sorry wasn't any help with the shorts, but might have (hopefully) offering a bit of reassurance on recovery.

    Hope you have a speedy recovery as I did. :)