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Gore phantom! Worth the money?

phildavisphildavis Posts: 164
edited November 2010 in MTB buying advice
After a fair bit of searching it looks like the Gore Phantom is the best waterproof/windproof softshell out there but is it worth the dosh? Or is there anything as good for less?


  • I have 2.
    They are excellent in my opinion
  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    I prefer the fit of the Oxygen SO myself. Same material basically but more of a roadie fit.
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  • The Gore Phantom is definitely one of the best jackets I've used. I used it last winter and it was brilliant. The zip-off sleeves make it very versatile in the spring/autumn, especially as the day warms up.
    The breathability is very good also and although not a full waterproof, is very effective during rain showers.

    Altura have a similar jacket now that might be worth a look:
  • RevellRiderRevellRider Posts: 1,794
    The Altura jacket is no where as nice as the Gore jacket. The Gore jacket is made of Windstopper so is pretty much waterproof, far more comfortable. The sleeve design is nicer. And it's very warm with out being overly hot
  • Another vote for the Phantom, with the zip off sleeves it's something you can wear nearly every season. It's not waterproof though.
    I'm over 6' and have quite a large head.
  • Chris`IChris`I Posts: 206
    Another vote for the Phantom here 8)

    The missus has the Altura Transformer, and while it was a great deal for her (was on sale at AW Cycles with 25% off), its no where near as nice as the Phantom II I have. She prefers the fact that the Altura doesnt have full length zips around the arms and the 2 arms are joined, but I prefer the way Gore do it with 2 zips around both arms making it very secure and wind tight.

    By all means try both, but you will feel the better quality of the Gore instantly. I tried both on in my local Evans, and well, you know the one I walked away with :wink:
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    Chris`I wrote:
    the 2 arms are joined,
    I think you're getting "waterproof" jackets confused with "straight" jackets :lol:
  • I've had one since the spring and I endorse the arms off versatility comments and quality.
    I didn't buy it as a waterproof,my commute is around half an hour and it is certainly water resistant but a constant downpour gets through it and it's still damp the next morning when left overnight in an unheated garage
  • Thats great. Cheers everyone, now where can i get a good deal or has anyone got one for sale!

    Also what is the sizing like? I find endura gear to come up small so always have a size up but what about Gore? My chest measure 112cm which on the Gore site is boarderline XXl / XXXl, can that be right?
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