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Everytime I repair a puncture on my bike it seems to turn into a slow punture. I then take the inner tube off again and put it into water but i dont get any bubbles. All i can do to fix it at the minute is replace the inner tube.
Am i doing somthing wrong. I am using glue and patches as the stick on ones just fell straight off.
Any advice would be appreciated because replacing inner tubes is getting quite costly.



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    Thats a weird one. Maybe its the valve. I know you said there are no bubbles but do you check extensively round the tyre for jaggy bits after you have removed the tube?
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    Have you actually removed whatever it was that punctured it in the first place? Sounds simple but everybody forgets to tale out the thorn or whatever from the tyre every now and then
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    also have you given the tube area around the puncture a rub with fine sandpaper to let the glue and patch get a good grip to the tube
    and as said checked you have removed what ever caused the puncture in the first place
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    If your stick on patches are falling off it says it all, not doing the job properly.

    You have to put quite a bit of air in tubes to find small leaks in tubes even in water.

    Tubes naturally leak air anyway some more than others, this means that a tube could have lost several psi over a week.
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    Are you letting the glue dry properly before you stick the patch on. My tubes are more patches than tube but don't leak.
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  • put a new tube in?
  • TuckerUK
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    By any chance are you pumping the tyre back up with a CO2 inflater? CO2 inflated tyres lose pressure very quickly (why the hell they decided on CO2 instead of nitrogen is anyone's guess).
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  • I'd imagine CO2 is something to do with soda streams...

    My bet would be rubbish puncture repairing, that said i never patch tubes, ever.
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    Yeah of course using soda stream cannisters, but you'd think someone with half a brain would have said, yeah, but these tyres deflate really quick now, lets design a new cartridge (different thread size) with Nitrogen instead. Wait, ignore that...anyone got the Dragon's Den number?
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  • put some spit on you fingers and put it other the valve if there is bubbles the valve needs replacing

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