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FSA SLK Carbon crankset BB

biggayalbiggayal Posts: 35
edited October 2010 in Workshop
I've just fitted an FSA SLK carbon crankset with the stock BB that came in the box, i believe it is an FSA BB-8000 SLK/K-Force Mega Exo BB.
This BB is cack, it's like riding with the brakes on.
I want to replace it with something like a Hope BB but a question raised on Wiggle states that the Hope is not compatible with Mega Exo cranksets
Are there any decent BB's that are compatible with this crankset




  • protoproto Posts: 1,470
    I've got a Shimano 105 on mine.

    Surprised tou think the original BB is cack. I thought it excellent. :?

    Can I buy your FSA BB please (serious request)?
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    If the BB feels as stiff as you say then there is something wrong with it or the way you have installed it. Did you get the BB shell faced and is the preload correct.
    All outboard BBs feel a little stiff to turn at first due to the seals but this does not affect how they ride.
  • damptwdamptw Posts: 34
    I also have an FSA slk carbon crank, agree about the bottom bracket, totally cack. Mine didnt run particularly smoothly when new and disintegrated after a few hundred miles. I replaced it with a token bb from wiggle, had it over a year and it still turns as good as new.
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