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coming soon...iron horse

jay12jay12 Posts: 6,306
edited October 2010 in The Crudcatcher


could this mean the return of the awesome bikes.
will the "steel pony" return in style, or will it not come soon, instead never. :lol:


  • RevellRiderRevellRider Posts: 1,794
    It's now owned by the same people who own GT, Cannondale and Mongoose IIRC.

    So it could relaunched soon, but without a star rider like Sam Hill will it have the same impact?
  • psymonpsymon Posts: 1,562
    lets hope they make better bikes this time.
  • TolkTolk Posts: 840
    psymon wrote:
    lets hope they make better bikes this time.

    They had a few good ones, my Azure was a wicked frame! Not forgetting the Sunday either.
  • joshtpjoshtp Posts: 4,329
    Sunday was good... but apart from that and a 1 or 2 others, they were little more than average.
    I like bikes and stuff
  • D-Cyph3rD-Cyph3r Posts: 847
    Always wanted a Iron Horse for some reason, i'll be glad to see 'em back.
  • jay12jay12 Posts: 6,306
    sundays are amazing for sure. my mate has one and it rides so well. also saw 4 of the same ones on one track :lol: . i'd be tempted to get one when they relaunch but rumours are they won't have dw link
  • psymonpsymon Posts: 1,562
    Sunday was good but thats it. the black and gold one was stunning.

    built a few and everything other than sunday was built badly, as if they came from different factories.
    one of the urban ones they made we had to replace every set of forks with bought in after market ones as the supplied ones wouldnt take the discs.
  • Had a Ironhorse frame built up in the states, can't remember the name but it was a urban/dirt jump with the 1.5 inch headset. Was an extremely good bike!

    Glad to see they are coming back, i've loved every bike they've made that I have had a chance to ride.
  • Dan DareDan Dare Posts: 367
    I was expecting to see this.
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