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2010 Madone 6 Series vs 2010 R3 vs 2010 Dogma

relaniumrelanium Posts: 487
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Any insight would help as I am not sure how to compare frames very well. Cross examing manufactures specs on frames definitely involves some good translation.

I am upgrading for next year and having to choose between the 3 frames. All 3 frames are in the sale at my LBS, so I'd like to buy whilst there in the sale and a good price.

2010 Trek Madone 6 Series
2010 Cervelo R3
2010 Pinarello Dogma.

Which would be the best frame to have?


  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 5,859
    Pinarello, by miles.

    I've read far too many tales of cracked seat posts and disintegrating BB shells for the Treks to even consider them. Cervelo is apparently a terrific frame, just doesn't look special, and at that price, it has to perform brilliantly AND look sensational to get my vote.

    The Dogma ticks both those boxes. Get one.
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  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    Dogma looks like the dog's [email protected] Or what the dog threw up. And then ate that throw up and pooped it out again.
  • mr_goomr_goo Posts: 3,770
    I wish I had your problem. If I did, De Rosa Merak or King 3 would be under consideration for me.
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  • Are all of those frames at the same price? If they are, then I'd go for the Pinarello, otherwise I'm guess in the Cervelo is going to be cheaper and then I'd go for that. Mind you, the only one I've ridden is the Cervelo which was great, very light and very nippy, could see it making a climbing or crit bike. Just depends what your looking for?
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