Garmin 800 cadence sensor

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Considering upgrade to the 800 from the 705.

Does anyone know if the cadence sensor is compatable with the new 800.



  • rich164h
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    Its should be. It's all ANT+ compatable.
  • sungod
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    not all ant+ devices are interoperable

    for instance the edge 500 supports the 'vdo z sender' speed sensor, but the 705 doesn't

    so it will depends on the ant+ profiles that the 800 supports

    i'm sure it will support the gcs10 cadence/speed sensor, but i'd avoid relying on support for non-garmin sensors until garmin publish the info

    once the 800 is released into the wild, garmin should update the ant product site, then look here to see what it works with... ... ectory.php?
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  • Bumping this thread. Does anyone know the answer?

    I have just cracked the screen on my 705 and am thinking of buying an 800 instead of repairing the 705. It would be good to know if the cadence/HR sensors I have will work with the 800.
  • dodgy
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    The cadence sensor for the 705 is called the GSC10, the cadence sensor for the Edge 800 is also called the GSC10. My old Edge 705 GSC10 works with my new Edge 800.

    Answer = yes.
  • Cheers Dodgy!