Which chainset?

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Hello peeps,

After trying a good few bikes out, and liking many, but not loving any, I decided to build my own! I know it can work out more expensive, but it will be mine, all mine.

I've decided to go down the new 105 route, not being able to justify the extra expense for Ultegra little gain, but, should I stick with the 105 chainset, or are there any altnernatives I should consider before pulling the trigger?



  • maybe try to dig a little deeper for the Ultegra crank over the 105. Mrs squill just got a new bike wit hte new Ultegra 6700 groupset on and it is sexy as a barn owl.

    The crank is simply amazing, much nicer than the Rival one I have, or nicer still than my other FSA team carbon crank, that is woth more!
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    I like the new 105 chainset.

    Worth sticking with Shimano. The hollowtech II stuff is so simple to fit.
    I switched to a carbon FSA one and it doesn't feel like an upgrade.
  • I dont think I would buy another crank other than either a shimano or campag after trying alot. My FSA feels no better than my SRAM one, and its 1/3 the price!
  • Things like a good pair of wheels and some top quality cycle clothing can make a difference to your riding experience, but it is not really the case with chainsets and bb's.
  • Thanks guys. Looking like the 105 it is.

    Mr squill, I noticed mrs squill has the felt f4 - damn sexy bike. I spent a good hour drooling over one in my lbs the other week. Think it's the White and green that does it!
  • I know, its a stunning bike, and very well equiped for the money. I never liked Felts before, but am considering an F1 if I can get a test ride for my frame upgrade next year!

    She now has a better looking bike than me, with a better group set (her Ultegra 6700 vs my Rival) and it was me that got her into the damm sport! im not a happy chappie!