I'd like to see the 'XL' leg these are designed for!!!!

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Following a few nasty knocks to the same knee at stainburn a few weeks back, I decided to order some 2011 Kyle Strait 661 knee pads. Got them in the largest size (XL).

Anyhow they turned up yesterday, and as you do, you give them a try on. Bloodyhell they are tight, like pins and needles tight after 5 minutes.

Im hoping a ride out in them will loosen them up a little and maybe when they are washed they will soften up a tad.

I knew I had tree trunk legs but I'd love to see the leg size they have actually measured/designed these for.


  • Mrs Toast
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    I'm 5ft 2 and a size 10/12, and have to wear the XL Kyle Straits. Given the average woman in the UK is size 16, it does make me wonder. :/ Although I do have a good chunk of scar tissue on both knees, that's my excuse!
  • ben306
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    Well Im generally an XL up top with a L/XL mid. Tho in bike clothing sizes I usually find them on the small size!

    Im just hoping they give a little as I dont want it to be a waste of £40, plus i doubt my knee could take another bad knock.

    Around my actual knee they fit snug, its the section around my carf and more around the bottom of my thigh mussles where its tightest.

    Im no small bean (over 7 stone and only 5'10) but then I wouldnt say Im really fat (Tho I am carrying a few extra pounds , hense the cycling)

    Only pic i have with my legs out and it doesnt really show my knees!

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    Bit late now, but knee pads are something I would always buy from a shop - need to try them on before parting with the cash.
  • ben306
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    yeah, i think if these dont give then I'll be doing that. Learnt the 'expensive' way if not haha.

    Hopefully a ride out with them and a blast in the washer might soften them.
  • Mrs Toast
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    I got mine free from my MBR subscription! :P

    But yes, they do loosen up a bit after a couple of washes.
  • hbrashaw
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    Ben306- 7 stone isn't haevy at all- are you sure you mean 7? i'm over 7 stone and i'm 14 and 5ft 3 :?

    i find that 661's sizing is weird though :/
  • ben306
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    hahaha, very good. Someones actually reading what I write.

    Yes that should be over 17 stone.

    I'll get out this weekend and try to give them an hour on, then chuck them in the wash and see how they feel after that.
  • sdalby
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    When i bought new ones, i did find that they felt most uncomfortable on the first ride. I'm 6' and 16 stone, but with legs like a pornstar's cock, and the XL fit me fine now. Just do up the velcro strap at the bottom as loose as possible.
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  • _HENDO_
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    661 products tend to be a size smaller than you think they are
    e.g. size medium is actually a size small

    I;ve bought loads of there gloves and its the same whatever size you get
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    i had exactly the same problem with mine and was ready for binning them after the second ride with them on, they do loosen up though so stick with them..another thing is when you've put them on and done up the velco straps as slack as you can pull the bottom up as much as you can so it's not on the widest part of your calf muscle, and one last thing.... you do know there's a left and a right one?
  • ben306
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    Dunno, didnt look that, haha. Was only trying them on for size. I'll check I get the left/right right at weekend.
  • dan shard
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    Ive got 661 knee/shin pads and even with fairly slim legs and medium size pads I have to have the velcro at its loosest.It really starts tiring my leg muscles out otherwise, must be the lack of blood flow
  • Mrs Toast
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    I’ve had a couple of really bad instances of cramp when wearing mine, I don’t know if it’s because of them, or because of my diet. :/ Mine sometimes slip at the top – I could do them tighter, but I’m a bit worried about cutting off my circulation!
  • ben306
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    Theres no chance of these slipping haha.

    so do they have in them, left and right?
  • hyperman
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    if you look at the white tag inside them it will have XL L in one and XL R in the other....well it does in mine and it made a difference comfort wise when i realised this....