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I have a 9 spd Shimano 105/Tiagra set up which s fine, but I I get the opoortunity to upgrade are there such tings as levers that suit 9 speeds and conceal their shift cables underneath the bar tape a la Ultegra/SRAM cousins?

Just a thought - can't afford a new bike may as well bling up what I have got eh!



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    All the SRAM/Shimano stuff with concealed cables are 10 speed. Not a big problem though, all you'd need to buy extra is a cassette and chain.
  • Only the new Ultegra 6700, DA 7900 and new 105 5700 (all 10 speed) have the concealed cables.

    I`d not get hung up on it TBH. Plenty of 6600 Ultegra shifters about for less than £100, they shift great, seem to be a lot more reliable than the 105 (5600) 10 speed which have a known problem with the left-hand shifter :cry: Got a set of 6600 Ultegra levers on my winter bike and they definitely have a lighter shift action than the new Ultegra 6700 levers that I have on my "good" bike, just not got the fully concealed cables (brake cables are concealed, gear change cables come out the side)
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