Light & Motion Vega - anyone recommend them?!

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Thats the old model you've linked to. This is the newer version ... elID=29552

I've had old one for a couple of years now. It was good at the time but I'm not sure its worth the money now. My comments are on the older version

1) It was heavy and could slip on the clamp going over rough ground

2) The button to cycle between the various modes of operation was difficult to operate with gloves

3) It was robust - it fell off @ 30kph (my own fault!) and bouced along the road - slight scrach on the casing was the only damage.

4) It was bright, but as I remember using the crappy old Ever Ready and Wonder Lights, all the LED lights look bright to me (note to self:- stop staring into LED lights)

5) The lights came with a 2-pin charger and a 3 to 2 pin adapter for use in Ireland / UK sockets. The adapter was , quite frankly, dangerous. If you unplugged the charger but left the adapter plugged in, you could plainly see the exposed 220V metal components - not good with small kids in the house. No CE marking on the adapter either.

6) The charger failed after 18 months

I still use the light as a back-up to a dynohub / LED system but I think for this price range, I'd consider some of the LED torches.
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