Lock while you're out on a ride?

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Does anybody have any tips for a light, but still relatively secure lock to take out on a ride to lock the bike up when you stop for lunch, or pop into a shop? I've got a bit Kryptonite D-Lock, but it's a bit big and bulky, and probably surplus to requirements...

I saw these, which look quite good. Anybody have any other ideas?


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    Cant say I have ever bothered, but then again dont put my bike anywhere I cant really see it for more than a few seconds. If I pop into a shop I put it against the window where I can see it and TBH nobody is likely to pedal off very fast on it with Speedplay pedals on it...

    If I was worried I'd just get a thin steel cable lock and small padlock that would at least need somebody wanting to steal it to have equipment to cut steel. Unlikely that they'd just be passing in the short time the bike was out of sight... something like this should be sufficient in low risk areas yet easily portable. Depends how paranoid you are and exactly where you plan to leave it I guess...

    http://www.cyclestore.co.uk/productDeta ... goryID=110
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  • All my bikes have a lightweight "nurses lock" (as seen on Dutch & other continental bikes) to lock the back wheel. It's not high security, but it's a deterrent for the cafe & shop stops.
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    The best thing that is secure but small and portable is the abus bordo locks, but they're pretty weak if you know how to break them; this is countered by their relative rarity. You would lose a bottle mount though.

    My personal choice is an oxford motorbike alarmed disc d-lock.

    Lock the crank to the chainstay and you hear it going off long before anyone gets away with your bike, particularly if you mount it so it is fairly free swinging. It is however a bit much to put in a jersey pocket although would fit in a medium to large saddlebag depending on the other contents obviously. I think mine is the 14mm version, which is more than adequate for quick stops in cake shops or somewhere for refreshment.
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    This avoids the need to carry keys, weighs almost nothing and fits easily into a jersey pocket. Easily defeated but ideal in situations where the alternative is to use nothing. Prevents opportunist thefts only so it depends where you stop. Personally I usually stop at village cafes etc where the risks are low.
  • First, don't let the bike out of you sight. Use a lightweight, retractable cable lock to stop that thief who is looking for a quick ride away. A friend had an unlocked, very expensive bike taken from outisde a cycling cafe. It was being watched, and the thieves were impersonating cyclists, wearing lycra etc so no one was suspicious
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    I have used one of these, not that tough, but it means you thread about 5 bikes together, good for pub, tea stop.

    http://www.pacsafe.com/www/index.php?_r ... tail&id=30

    Also like the look of the ABus Handcuff style lock, multi purpose :wink:
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    Don't bother with a lock when on a ride, usually find safe cycling frequented cafe stops, was given some advice tho, when leaving bike make sure you leave it in highest gear (smallest cog) makes it a bit harder to ride away fast, unless it's cav knicking it :wink:
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    Better still, shift into the big big combo before stopping and then once stopped release all the cable tension using the gear shifters. Completely stops anyone getting on it and easily riding away. Doesn't however stop someone tossing it wholesale into the back of a van, along with the five others it's tied to.
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    I've recently bought one of these cheapo jobs for audaxes, etc., which is very light and was less than £10 :

    https://www.kryptonitelock.com/products ... 1&pid=1127

    I fully accept that it won't stop a determined thief but I figure it will stop that opportunist one who happens to be walking past at the time. I don't leave my bike for long but keeping it in sight at all times is fairly impossible when I need a wazz.

    Even if it doesn't stop the bike getting nicked, it does fulfil the minimum requirements for my bike insurance ("must be secured to a fixture" but the quality of lock is not stipulated).

    I like the tip about leaving the bike in a high gear, it would certainly slow any getaway although I am not sure how good cycling shoes are for running after the felon.