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Hi all,

First time on forums so hope I am not breaking any rules by including a link, I am was looking for a GPS cycling computer, as I have the worst sense of direction and so have spent 9 months going around my local part.

I also want to start taking my training a little more seriously, so I'd like to have cad/HRM. I was directed to the Garmin Edge 705. Does this offer include everything I need: ... 789&sr=1-4

And are there any alternatives to this product? which I should be looking at.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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    that item at that link is oddly worded, it does not explicity say it includes the heartrate strap and the cadence/speed sensor

    whereas the one here... ... pd_cp_ce_0

    explicitly says...

    Box Contains
    Edge 705
    Heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensor
    Bike mounts
    AC charger
    USB cable
    Owner's manual on disk
    Quick reference guide

    ...and is almost 100 quid cheaper, it looks like it doesn't include any extra maps, but if you also get this... ... pd_cp_ce_3'll have maping covering most of europe in good detail, and the two together will still be way cheaper than the link you have

    if you don't need the gps features, there are plenty of lower cost options, but the 705 is a nice unit especially if you travel a bit, i use mine cycling in places like the algarve, the city navigator maps cover even the deep rural areas, not just cities!

    one thing to consider is that garmin just announced the 800 (costs more), so there will probably be more 705s discounted or popping up on ebay etc. as people succumb to upgrade fever
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