Gear change problems

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Im having issues with my chain / rear derailleur on my 10 speed ultegra set up (new groupset). The small cogs are all changing smoothly but the larger cogs are just changing terribly with clicking caused by the chain sitting on the tooth every quarter turn or so.

The derailluer seems correctly aligned and Ive played around with the b-tension and the cable tension but still cant get the larger cogs changing smoothly. Also to note the mech hanger has been replaced as the previous one was slightly bent but it doesnt seem to have solved the problem I previously had dura ace on the bike which I swapped over onto a new frameset. I was having the same problem with the dura ace, however no problem on the new bike. So currently im idea what it could be.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • There is often a tendency for people to pull the cable too tightly before clamping it. Take up the slack, but you don't have to pull it tight.
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    Is the freehub/axle sitting correctly?
  • I had a shifting problem on my Merida bike, I took it back to the shop and they "corrected" it. They didn't.
    The gear cable frame stops are on the head tube and the rear mech cable was routed on the outside of the front brake, this resulted in a sharpe bend in the cable. I re-routed the cable and replaced the inner cable as it had snapped and was fouling against the outer cable which stopped me using all the gears.
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    ...just an update, after speaking to a experienced road bike mechanic it appears the poor changing is from using cheap cables and the fact the bike is internally routed. As there is greater friction the derailluer is being pulled inconsistently. I've got some gore ride-on cables to fit which will hopefully sort the problem.
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    Is the cable routed correctly to the clamp on the rear mech? That can lead to dodgy shifting on half the cassette.

    Look at Shimano tech docs if unsure.

    Alternatively, the frame might have been slightly bent with the previous gear hanger. Get an LBS to check the alignment
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    okay so i fitted the ride-on cables and shifting is all sorted! thanks all.