Extra bottle mounts?

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I only have one bottle mount on my aluminium framed cross bike and wish to add one, has any one ever drilled and tapped their own threads onto a frame and if so what do I have to watch out for?


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    Normally, you need to have bosses fitted. The tube thickness isn't enough to hold a decent thread. I've brazed bosses on to steel frames. Aluminium is another story.
    You might have to go the clamp on route.
  • Thanks, best not to make swiss cheese of my frame! Clamp on? never heard of this way , have you any more info into how and where from, good brands etc.?
  • Yes, wall thickness far to thin to cut threds into.

    A framebuilder might sort you out with some kind of fix.
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    I wonder if rivnuts would work?
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    dmch2 wrote:
    I wonder if rivnuts would work?

    I was just thinking 'what about rivnuts' as I read this however I think there would be an issue with the size of the hole you'd need for a 5mm thread size. might work on a cheaper heavier Ally frame as the tubes will probably be thicker but not on something lightweight.
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    It would be a big hole... But since the top of the tube is in compression (rather than tension) it might be ok.

    I'd rather not be the first to try it though!
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    2004 Marin Muirwoods Hybrid
  • How about a rear-of-seat mounted carrier like the Tri boyz use ??
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  • I mounted a bottle cage onto a peice of plastic and screwed it to an old seat tube reflector bracket. I mounted it behind the seat, I did the same for the bars but used a handle bar front reflector bracket.