Integrated headset vs aheadset

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please can anyone tell me what the practical difference is between integrated headset and aheadset? Ive read the wikipedia page on it and its very techy but i get the impression that integrated is not as good somehow. Are they both quality items and should I worry about them when buying a new bike?




  • softlad
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    99% of all bikes now have the aheadset standard fitted.

    Aheadsets are generally of three types - external, integrated and internal, depending on the design of the frame they are fitted to. No sense in going over the details of each here, because the info is all freely available elsewhere...
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    Despite Chris King's protestations, Integrated headsets are unlikely to disappear, particularly when using carbon or aluminium frames - pressing external headset cups into alloy is never a good idea and can often lead to split head- tubes. Secondly, is the aesthetics - with bearings up to 1.5" and fat, flared tubes, traditional aheadsets are going to look odd. OK, the risk is a knackered headtube due to poor-fitting / worn bearings but can be reolved with creative use of Loctite, whereas a split headtube means the frame is toast - I've had one of each and know which I prefer.
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