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Ok, So I've entered my first race this Saturday (Caersys Cup).

I have intended to start racing in the next Pearce Circuit however I saw that there was this last race and thought, why not.

Knowing that I wanted to start racing I joined a Gym about a month ago. I go between 2/3 times a week and then ride either XC, Dirt or mostlly mini DH at the weekends (Mainly at Aston Hill, chicksands or The Forest of Dean).

At the gym I tend to break up what I am doing.

Tuesday: 2km row, 2km sprint, 4km row.
Wednesday: 45min Spnning session (seriously though... feel like I'm cheating on the bikes!) followed by a 20/30min swim and then the jacuzzi.
Thursday: 1km row warm up. Circuit Weight training for an hour. This varies everytime, however I do tend to push to failure.

This routine does vary, sometimes I miss tuesday rowing session.

What do others do to train? I know this may read like I'm aserious fitness junkie... I'm not. I have always hated gyms however have joined with the sole purpose to improve my riding strength with winter incoming.

Any suggestions or routines that you find effective?

Think I need a bigger Garage.


  • That sound like a good training program.

    What i do is 3 day split workout at the gym, ride XC twice per week and downhill every Sunday.

    This is how my normal week looks:
    Monday-Chest,Biceps and abs
    Tuesday-Xc ride
    Wednesday-Back, triceps and abs
    Thursday-Xc ride
    Friday-Legs,shoulders and abs
    Sunday- Ride DH

    I do around 8-12 reps and 3 sets when weight training followed by streches after each session

    Cheers Adam
  • Cheers, I'd like to get the XC ride in during the week but there is just nothign near me that is worth doing. Having said that I've just got a roadie so hopefully that will give me my mid-week kick!

    Do you use protein supplements? I've been dabbling but not 100% sure of their worth.
    Think I need a bigger Garage.