Kuota Korsa or a Pinarello FP1....or a Bianchi?!

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So I phoned my local Bianchi dealer looking to spend my shiny £1000 C2W voucher on an equally shiny Bianchi...

However, having a chat with the guy, he mentioned a couple of alternatives:

- A Kuota Korsa with 105's
- A Pinarello FP1 with Tiagra's
- A Bianchi Via Nirone Mirage 2009 for £700 (which leaves me £300 to spend on accessories, which might be cool) (and they were going to chuck in some Look/SPD pedals with this too...)

Or, do I stick with my original plan and get a newer Via Nirone with Veloce or 105s (although that means topping up with my own cash...)

Any thoughts?!


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    I used to have a pinarello - alu - and now have a Kuota Kharma.
    The Pinarello has explosive pace - and will take your breath away when you put the hammer down.
    The Kouta is a much more comfy bike - but lacks the pure pace of the pinarello. as a bit of an old git the kharma suits me better now.

    if you can hack the racy position - then its the pinarello ....just !. I have a saying :-

    "don't die never having owned a pinarello'
  • Hrm, yeah, I'm tempted by the Pinarello - it's apparently a cracking frame, and even if it's only Tiagras, I could always upgrade at a later date.

    That said, I quite like the idea of the cheap Bianchi, with £300 to spend on accessories and stuff (I've had my current Spesh for more than a year, and still never really got 'round to kitting it, or myself, out properly...)

    Argh! Decisions, decisions!
  • kingrollo
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    I really would go for the pinarello - you can ask for the accessories for christmas.

    I paid £1100 for my pinarello - sold it 8 years later for £600 ! - they really hold there value !- once you pedal down the road on it - you will know you have made the right choice.
  • Is the Bianchi the version with the carbon seatstays?

    It will be easy to upgrade gradually to other 10sp Campag parts too whereas the Pinarello is 9sp.

    £300 buys some nice gruppo upgrades and/or wheels.
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  • gotta be the Korsa, 105 groupset or sram rival for less than 1k! Also you get a nice deda finishing kit. I got a med korsa last week and it rides so well, totally bates you into going fast. Handles great, accelerates fast and looks like a much more expensive bike when kitted out with some reynolds shadow wheels. You can also totally spec them to your sizes, crank length, stem length, bars width etc as bikes are put together for your order at uk importers. A very custom service. Mine turned up within 3days of placing order at Performance cycles.
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    Paging someone who owns the Bianchi so they can advise the OP to get the Bianchi :lol:
    Faster than a tent.......
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    I advise the OP to get the Bianchi...
  • Hey buddy, i'm going to say the pinarello too, i was after the bianchi due to a relatively small budget, but, with your budget I would say get the pinarello and buy the accessories as and when.

    Also, if in doubt, nip into any evans and you will be able to get a half hour long test ride with a 1 penny charge of your card and then hopefully you'll be able to get a better idea of things.
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    I own a Pinerallo FP2 and it's an absolute joy to ride.