Campagnolo chain tool alternatives

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Hi all

Just bought a new Ultra Narrow 10spd Record chain. I have also bought a couple of suitable KMC Missing Links.

In order to shorten the chain to the correct length the manual says I need to use a Campagnolo UT-CN200 tool. I am reluctant to spend £80 on a tool I will use so rarely. I also want to be able to carry a spare link and a small tool when out on the bike.

Topeak do this one, which says Campag compatible....anyone any experience of this and able to offer any idea as to its performance? Would it be suitable for emergency use by the road as well as occassional use when fitting a replacement chain?




  • huuregeil
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    If you're just shortening the chain and then using missing links, no need for the campag tool. This is only needed if installing their special link - it's magic property, apart from being superbly engineered, is a retaining pin that stops the link moving while the new pin is going in.
  • You don't need the Campagnolo tool to remove or install a Campagnolo chain. Any will do... just make sure you buy a decent one that doesn't fall apart when you remove the link.
    I have changed 3 Campagnolo chain (includeing a record 10 speed) and a lot more Shimano ones with the same tool... never experienced a problem
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    I bought the 10sp campag tool which for me takes out the worry about getting it right. Nice piece of kit ....