Caad 9 tiagra or Felt F75?

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Hi guys.
I've got a flatmate at uni who's joined the cycling club with me, and is now hunting for a bike.
Budget of £800, which i guess is pretty high for a beginner :/

Ive seen the caad9 tiagra compact around for that kind of price, which i recommended to him. ... _28975.htm

He's seen a deal on a Felt F75 on Merlin, which also looks pretty good. ... LT-F75.htm

So, which should he go for?
Go for the break
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  • sundog
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    Be aware that that caad9 isn't black :D
    I like white bikes
  • The Felt seems to be better specced.
  • glasgowbhoy
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    why don't you help you're mate look for a good 2nd hand deal. That £800 is going to go a lot further with a lightly used better specc'd bike.
  • dmch2
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    I got a 2010 trek 1.5 for 720 (RRP was 800) at Evans. Not sure if there are any left in a suitable size but I'm very happy with it. The 80 quid saving would let you get a decent set of tyres and pads like I just have as well :)

    Evans didn't have any Felts and I didn't like the Green splash on the caad.
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