CITEC Wheels

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Probably most of you who've been at the London Cycle Show came across the stand with Citec Wheels.

They seemed to me build very solidly, the carbon appeared of very high quality and they very spinning very nicely.

Also the price point is very attractive.

So was wondering, whether somebody has any experience with them (saw the reviews in the magazines, but that doesn't always say much)


  • SLN57
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    I have Cube branded Citec Aero wheels on my Cube Litening. I have been told that the Cube branded wheel is of a lower specification than the Citec equivalent so my comments are not entirely relevant.

    However, I have found the wheels to be very strong and they have remained perfectly true even after 1500 miles on poorly surfaced roads.

    My only criticism is that my wheels flex a little although this may not be the case on the Citec wheels.

    I did consider upgrading to one of the Citec ranges but I wanted a change of style and a wheel with a reputation for stiffness.