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noise from front wheel.

Mr BungleMr Bungle Posts: 114
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Ive just put new tyres on the bike, and went out today and noticed a creaking from the front.

Im pretty sure its the front wheel. Did a bit of research and it sounds like spoke rub? where the spokes rub where they cross over....

Anyway here are some facts.

1- Only happened after taking the wheel off and replacing tyres, im sure this is a weird coincidence but thought id better include it.

2- The wheel spins perfectly smoothly when the bike is lifted.

3- The noise occurs when i'm riding, the noise is pretty constant although there is no pattern to it.

4- The wheel is Maddux R3.0

5- When i squeeze a pair of spokes together (where they cross over) they do move and make the creaking noise - but then again this happens on the back wheel which does not make the noise when riding.

I would appreciate any help here. how to test, how to fix etc??




  • QR not tight enough?

    The synthoms suggest this could be the disease... the cure is simple of course
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