Following a trip to stainburn its time to pad up

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Recently myself and a mate have got back into riding following a break from it (Ive been to Canada working for 9 months then spent the last 9 months renovating our house). We've hit the local stuff and the likes of Gisburn and Lee Quarry but decided to step it up a little yesterday and headed to Stainburn to try and improve on our technical side. I'd been a number of times before I stopped riding and found it challenging and rewarding.

Anyhow the place bites back pretty badly. I had a fall on the 1st proper rock decent of the black, hitting my knee quite badly as well as my elbow. Walked it off for 5 minutes and headed on further along.

Then my mate had a fall after the front wheel jammed ina rock section. It was 1 all.

Then we dropped down to the northshore stuff, my friend went 1st and managed to propel himself of the side, landing head first into a rather large rock, resulted in the helmet taking all the force. Really drives home the true protection of a helmet as it was cracked and this could quite eaily have been his head. 10 minutes of seeing stars and he assured me he was OK so we just took it easy then.

Unfortunetly, I wasnt happy losing at 2-1 so managed to get the front wheel to whipe out ona root resulting in a nother bash to the same knee on a tree stump.

Hes off work today with a swollen neck/back etc and Im not feeling great with a badly swollen knee and elbow.

I realised I must have been much more capable and fitter last time round, so for now we are sticking with the trail centres we a more comfy with/as well as the natural stuff that doesnt bite so bad. Time to pad up in future. Better get on CRC and have a look.



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    After a very long ride on a new bike yeaterday, I'm waiting for someone to invent a bummet.
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    ben306 wrote:
    Time to pad up in future.
    Those trees are really hard eh? I shoulder-charged one on Saturday and it didn't budge :(

    And low branches :roll: I would hate to hit one of those without a lid.
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    I heartily recommend the 661 Kyle Straits - very good knee protection you can actually ride in - not found decent elbow pads yet - got some 661 veggies but they are a bit uncomfortable. My older hard shell race lites are better but work loose easily.
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    Tried some 661 KS on at the local bike shop, only had a large in stock and couldnt even get them past my carf. So been a little doubious of buying any online in XL yet.
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    Wow - how big are your legs!

    I have skier legs (albeit that that means big thighs rather than calves) and a medium fits me!
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    Not sure actually. Might get the measuring tape out when I get home now you ask. lol