Thread chasing on a new frame?

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Recently bought a new frame (Ambrosio Solaro) and was surprised to find last night that I could not install a brand new Shimano HT2 BB. The Non-Drive side threads in pretty much most of the way by hand but then won't budge even when using the tool. The Drive side however barely threads in at all. I tried applying grease to the threads in both the BB shell and on the BB itself to no avail.

Am I right in assuming that it'll be a trip to the LBS to get the threads re-chased, even though it's a brand new frame? :?


  • schweiz
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    have you got the right thread on the BB for the thread in the BB Shell (English V Italian)?

    Also remember....

    Italian are both right hand thread

    english are left hand on the drive side and right hand on the non drive side.

    maybe try a small copper brush or a tooth brush to clean out the threads?
  • Smokin Joe
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    It looks like it. a trip to your LBS. If the cups thread in most of the way then it will be the correct bb for the frame.

    I would be seriously P'd off if that happened to me. Some manufacturers seem to be under the impression that selling frames which need re-engineering before they can be built up is acceptable. It is not, and if a car manufacturer sold spare parts that didn't fit out of the box there would be hell to pay.
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    This is annoyingly common - most of the frames I've bought have needed a trip to a LBS before the BB would fit properly. (including my latest Planet X Ti)

    Why the shop selling the frame can't run a tap through and clean the BB threads out properly I don't know :roll:
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  • GavH
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    Well I tried the wire brush as I could see what looked like spray paint on the threads. Worked a charm! :D Bottom Bracket now fitted without the need for a trip to the LBS.