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Pinarello Seat Post & max height extension

richard1857richard1857 Posts: 45
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I have just bought a Pinarello second hand and it has come with a carbon seat post. It is going to take a massive shim to fit my existing 27.2 post but will need to have the carbon one a long way out to get the right saddle height. Problem is, there is no min line on the post so I do not know how far up I can take it. The post is approx 350 long which I think is standard. Any help on how much of a carbon seat post needs to stay within the frame?



  • 5pudgun5pudgun Posts: 402
    What post is it? Can you not google it
  • It is a Pinarello branded seat tube but good idea thanks. Have also checked and not sure that it is 350 in length. Need to go to my LBS today so will ask them. I have got a good 3" into the fame which I would think should be ok but do not really fancy a nasty accident with a carbon seat post braking!!!

  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 9,686
    Don't quote me on this, but if you've got a 3rd in the frame I think you'll be okay. Anything less and you might end up with a shard of CF up your jacksie!

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