use my singlespeed / put a 3 speed on it / Buy winter bike

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I can either keep my giant bowery 84 that i totally love as it is.

Put a sturmey archer 3 speed rear wheel on it.

Buy and new winter bike for around £400.

I love my giant but i spin out at 30 mph, once it gets over 25 im spinning like a mad man, 23-24mph is do-able for 5 miles or so. When the winter club runs hot up i struggle to stay with the fast guys.
Also hills can be a bitch! i can up %20 but it isnt pretty.
Did 8o miles a few days ago with a friend on hois race bike and he had to constanly wait for me.

I was thinking of maybe building up a sturmey archer 3 speed rear wheel but i wonder if the gear ratios will make enough difference to be worth it and if it will spoil the feel of the giant? ... Has anyone done this?

Option 3 is a new winter bike, i already know the one i want and i have the money but as always i dont know if i should be spending that much with christmas coming up.

What to do!