Felt F95 2010 Slipstream Garmin or Raleigh Airlite 300

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http://www.startfitness.co.uk/product.a ... P_ID=40137

http://www.rutlandcycling.com/24613/Ral ... -Bike.html

Out of the above 2 road bikes Felt F95 2010 Slipstream Garmin Replica and Raleigh Airlite 300 which one would be the better bike for a first road bike.
The Felt F95 is brand new on ebay with no BIN price so it could go for more than the Airlite 300 which is priced at £469.
I am looking for my first road bike and am willing to spend upto £500 (I know this is not alot in road bike terms but it is all I can afford right now).

I was going to go for a cyclocross bike so that I could ride it on gravel paths and the road but I have decided that I will keep my current bike for the gravel paths and riding with the kids and get a road bike for my weekend rides out. I completed a 50 mile ride last Sunday on my hybrid and am hopefully doing a 65 mile road ride in November and then 100 mile next April so feel a road bike would be of benefit to me.
Thanks for looking and any advice appreciated.


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    looks like the F95 Garmin which I have looked at (retail price £630'ish) is the same bike as normal Felt F95 but in different colour.and can be had for £399 from here:
    http://www.merlincycles.co.uk/Bike+Shop ... LT-F95.htm

    So clearly the Felt Garmin F95 on ebay needs to sell for less than £400 unless the blue/white paint job is worth considerably more. Personally to me the colour is not a deal breaker either way.[/url]
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    I bought the Felt 95 Garmin yesterday and I can't wait to ride it next week when it's delivered.
    I looked at all the brands/models around that price and most were similar specs. The thing that did it for me was the fact that Felt is a serious brand and only available in higher end retailers with a good service level. I had mine set up with video analysis and had all the angles measured between my hip/knee/anke and shoulder/elbow/wrist.
    Retailer is Pure Tri - Bishops Stortford and they couldn't do enough espcially as I was there past their closing time.
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    Hi Philboc......would be interested in hearing your views once you have the bike and been out for a ride on it. Can't seem to find any lbs that stock Felt so will have to travel further a field to see one.